A cabinet maker building and installing custom cabinets for a home’s kitchen and bathroom.

Bob Van Hofwegen, the father of HighCraft co-owners Eric and Jason, crafting and installing custom cabinets in the 1970s.

At HighCraft, we regard our name as our pledge to our clients. This name reflects more than skill in building custom cabinets. It reveals our history, shapes our process, and perfects our work.

Our Heritage

Forty years ago, Bob Van Hofwegen began handcrafting custom cabinets in the storied Dutch farming town of Lynden, Washington. From his small shop on East Wiser Lake Road, Bob labored to perfect his craft. His greatest reward, however, wasn’t the final product. It was the opportunity to work hard, serve his community, and thank God for these gifts.

In the late 1990s, Bob’s sons Eric and Jason joined the growing business. Over the next 20 years, they learned to develop a high level of craft in every aspect of the family business: the cabinets they produced, their processes in and out of the shop and, most importantly, the long-term client relationships they cultivated.

At the age of 80, Bob is still crafting cabinets, and his sons are carrying on his legacy. In early 2018, Eric and Jason partnered with Brad Kuik and Brian Hendricks, gaining their combined 60 years of experience in lean manufacturing and operations management. From our factory and showroom only 10 miles from Bob’s original shop, HighCraft’s team carries on our collective passion for high craft.

Our Mission

At HighCraft, we craft quality custom cabinets and first-class client experiences for contractors and homeowners across the Pacific Northwest.

Like you, we’ve been on the receiving end of poor, frustrating customer service.

The stakes are low when you experience bad service before or after a small purchase. But when you spend significant time and money on building or remodeling a new home, or pour effort, energy, and funds into a multifamily or commercial project, the stakes are high. There is no margin for error.

From both sides of the story, we’ve learned the frustration of shoddy customer service — and the joy of providing and receiving a first-class client experience.

The tangible result of partnering with us is to receive impeccably crafted custom cabinets. But without a client experience that matches our craftsmanship, we’ve let you down. This is why we pride ourselves on serving you with clear communication and attention to detail. This begins with the team in our factory and showroom and filters to our clients: from first contact to crafting your cabinets and following through on what we promised.

We’re invested in building long-term relationships with our clients, not short-term transactions with just another customer. Our name is our pledge: HighCraft — nothing less.