Pacific Northwest Artisan, Lynden, WA

The project scope was to design, manufacture, and install custom cherry wood cabinets with a natural finish for a new residential home including its kitchen, coffee and wine bar, laundry room, bathrooms, utility room, and office.

Brian and Tammy had spent most of their married life together living in the countryside. The third family home they built, however, was located in the city limits, and they couldn’t wait to move back to a home on some property.

After locating beautiful acreage in a quiet area of Whatcom County, they decided to put down roots with their fourth home. As a builder of custom residential homes, Brian tackled the project with the help of a few select subcontractors — including a new custom cabinet manufacturer.

Over the years, Brian had bounced around between several different cabinet builders. For this new home construction project, the timing worked out to partner with members of their local community, HighCraft’s Eric and Jason Van Hofwegen.

“You hear a lot of horror stories about people’s poor experiences with contractors and subcontractors,” Brian said. “A lot of these issues boil down to a lack of communication. That’s where Eric and Jason excelled with our cabinet project. They communicated well, provided great service, and made the process really, really easy for me.”

The ease of this process launched a business relationship between Brian’s company and HighCraft. “Now I give them a set of plans, get quotes, and as long as I’ve been diligent and provide them the necessary lead time,” Brian said, “I can forget about cabinets for the project and know they’re going to be completed on time. As a builder, I like easy, and I know they like easy too.”


Door style: Shaker
Door materials: Cherry
Cabinet box materials: Birch plywood
Box construction type: Face frame
Cabinet color: Natural lacquer finish
Hardware: Top Ring Venetian Bronze knobs
Countertops: 3cm granite

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