Coastal Cottage, Bellingham, WA

The project scope was to design, manufacture, and install custom gray and white shaker style cabinets for a new residential home including its kitchen, bathrooms, office area, laundry room, and built-in cabinets surrounding the living room fireplace.

After seven new home construction projects and 18 moves in their married lives, Randy and Janice came across an unexpected lot: a tranquil piece of property with unbeatable oceanfront views. Randy, a contractor who builds and remodels homes, got to work on the project: new home number eight and move number 19.

As they had for their last three new builds and half a dozen projects for Randy’s construction business, the couple connected with HighCraft’s Production and Sales Managers, Eric and Jason Van Hofwegen, to craft their custom cabinets.

When they built their previous home, Randy and Janice still had two of their kids living at home. Now, as empty nesters, they had different needs for their new space. In past homes, they built a separate office space and walk-in pantry, but with downsizing, they needed to incorporate the office and storage space into their kitchen and dining area.

HighCraft’s team reviewed the couple’s construction plans, project goals, and laid out a cabinet design within the space. Next, they discussed Randy and Janice’s vision for the home’s interior to narrow down cabinet materials, finishes, and countertops. “They have a great mind’s eye to look at the space, figure out what will fit it best, and steer us away from decisions with our cabinets we might regret,” Janice said.

The completed kitchen and its large custom island provided the couple an ideal space to cook, host, and lounge while enjoying the ocean view. Despite the beautiful setting, the home won’t be the couple’s long-term residence — or their last set of custom cabinets.

“We love doing business with HighCraft’s team because they’re honest, hard working, and have integrity,” Janice said. “We know what we’ll receive and don’t have to question their product quality. What we value most, though, is that they always listen first and hear us as their client.”


Door style: Shaker
Door materials: Paint-grade maple
Cabinet box materials: Birch plywood
Box construction type: Face frame
Cabinet color: HighCraft Matador White
Hardware: Brookwood pulls, braided knobs
Countertops: 3cm quartz