A craft is often considered to be manual or artistic skill in one’s work. We recognize it extends beyond our expertise in building cabinets. Our craft is in our process: clear communication through each phase.

Communication makes or breaks the experience of buying cabinets.

Whether you’re sourcing cabinets for your new kitchen, business, or a multi-family project, this investment is significant – in time, money, and energy.

The finished product is important, as are its design, parts, and installation. Skillfully crafted cabinets made from quality materials will stand the test of time and use after the project is complete.

While the project is in progress, however, your arriving at its end with minimal frustration hinges on a key element: communication. As the buyer, you don’t expect to make a big investment and be left in the dark while your cabinets are designed, built, and installed.

At HighCraft, clear communication is the foundation of our process. From the first time we connect to discuss your project through its design, manufacturing, installation, and follow-on service, we know the key difference is staying connected to our clients through every phase.

A man in a blue HighCraft shirt talking to a woman about custom white cabinets.


The ease of a cabinet project is built on the relationship between client and cabinet provider. We view connecting as a mutual opportunity: for you to learn about us and for us to discover your needs, ideas, questions, budget, and timeline for the project.

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The details we gain help us build your project plan: from concept drawings to finishes, estimate pricing to approval, and final design to production. We create a project schedule to outline our steps and communicate with you as we complete each phase.

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At our US-based factory, we finish crafting your cabinets and prepare for installation. Between project management, install, and quality control, we stay connected to you through the project’s completion. Our name is our pledge. HighCraft — nothing less.

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